Project: Silo Replacement Project

  • Structural Review Indicated Silo had achieved end of useful Operation
  • Full Turnkey Project
    • Design/Build 3 Silos
    • Installation and Commission

Project: New Plant Project

  • Installation of Owner Supplied Equipment
  • Design/Build Dispatch Office and Mechanical Room
  • Cladding OF New Plant and Auxiliary Structures

Project: Plant Relocation/Erection

  • Owner sold building but required concrete plant to be relocated
  • Building to remain for Equipment Maintenance
  • Height restricted so plant required to be jacked and rolled
  • When outside plant could be lowered and dismantled for transport

Project: Equipment Removal/Roof Replacement Project

  • Roof Mounted Dust Collection no longer functional, weakening roof integrity
  • Full Turnkey Project
  • Removal of Units including Hazardous Material Abatement
  • Design/Build roof
  • Installation of roof and access walkways

Project: Enclose of Plant Charge Belt/Hoarding

  • Use of Structural Panels for Safely Enclosing Charge Belt
  • Design/Build of Winter Hoarding Plant Operations